Luxury Vinyl Installations

Luxury Vinyl is another great option for homeowners looking to renovate their living space. Different from hardwood, vinyl is a synthetic material that actually doesn't contain wood. Patterns and colors are instead printed on the wood planks to give the impression of different wood species. Luxury vinyl is often less expensive than hardwood installations and thus is a great option for first time homeowners or those on a tighter budget. While vinyl is durable, this largely depends on the layer of protectant that covers the vinyl planks. If you have pets or high traffic areas, your vinyl should be safe with regular maintenance from scratching. Moreover, vinyl is a great option for those that regularly deal with more moisture and water; vinyl, being synthetic, does not absorb water and warp the way that hardwood planks do. If you are looking for a less expensive yet durable, low maintenance option, luxury vinyl from Horizon Flooring is perfect for you!

Whether you decide to choose hardwood, vinyl, or another option, make sure to contact Horizon Flooring in Mansfield, Ohio for top-quality installations that will last. To make the most of your remodel, choose Mansfield's preferred flooring contractor!