Horizon Flooring answers your most pressing questions about hardwood flooring installation.

At Horizon Flooring, we get several questions about the hardwood flooring installation process. So, we thought we'd answer all of your burning questions and bring you a Q&A with the pros.

So, why hire a professional? Can't I do it myself?

Today, there are so many resources that make DIY installation easier than ever before. So yes, it's entirely possible to install on your own, but not preferable: hardwood floor installations are quite the challenge for someone without the proper tools and knowledge. Simply put, it's a learning curve that some people just don't have time for. Besides, once you make that commitment you can't go back, and you risk damaging the investment you made purchasing materials. And, professionals often have a crew, so the process goes much faster compared to a single-person crew.

How long does the process take?

On average, the installation itself takes 1-3 days with our crew at Horizon Flooring. However, this does not include the time to prepare a cost estimate and deliver flooring material. How long the entirety of the process takes depends on the responsiveness of the customer, but on average it should take no longer than a week.

Are there any areas of the home that should not have hardwood flooring?

Because hardwood floors can attract moisture, we do not recommend installation in the bathroom or basement areas. When hardwood gets wet, it can stain more easily and expand. If it is continuously exposed to moisture, over time the wood may rot.

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