Laminate Flooring versus Vinyl Flooring

You may know that vinyl and laminate floors are both different from hardwood (or maybe you don't), but what's the difference between the two, and why are they easily confused?

Laminate and vinyl floors are similar for two reasons: they are both used to mimic other styles, and they are both affordable options. Both laminate and vinyl are made to look like other floor styles, such as hardwood, tile, or stone, for a fraction of the cost. This is because they are image-matched in place of the material.

Which is better?

Both laminate and vinyl floors have so much to offer at an affordable price. The choice mostly depends on what you're looking for in your flooring, but we'll give you a rundown on the advantages of each:


Out of the two, vinyl floors are the best option for a family with children and/or pets. This is because they are virtually waterproof, much more durable, and easier to clean. So, if the kids draw on the floor, there's a higher chance their artwork can be erased. If the dog pees, the stain will not absorb in the same way it would on laminate flooring. It can also be noted that vinyl floors may be more beneficial for the elderly, and even elderly pets. Laminate has a slicker texture, meaning it is easier to slip and fall on its surface.


Laminate is usually the most affordable option. If you're looking to ball on a budget, this choice is for you. It is also usually regarded as the most realistic-looking, although both vinyl and laminate provide similar looks.

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