The Benefits of Tile Flooring

When you think of tile, do you think of outdated, wide, white bathroom tiles? If so, the idea of tile flooring probably does not sound too appealing -- don't be so quick to dismiss it! Tile floors come in so many different materials, colors, patterns, and even rooms of the house. They have many benefits that make them a popular choice in many homes today. Here's why tile is always in style:

Tile is durable

This is perhaps one of the most influential reasons to purchase tile flooring. If you have kids, you may choose tile over water-absorbent wood or stain-attracting carpet. Although both carpet and hardwood have their advantages, they cannot compete with the scratch-resistant and waterproof properties tile products have to offer.

Tile is a worthwhile investment

Short-term, tile can seem expensive. However, on average, tile flooring lasts for 60 years! It's unlikely that you will ever have to replace your flooring, which saves you money in the long run. And, when installed correctly, tile increases your home value. So, get that return on your investment and consider trendy tile patterns, like geometric styles.

Tile is low maintenance

Tile does not have absorbent properties, so it does not harbor dirt, mold, and other contaminants. This means two things: tile is allergy-friendly, and it is very easy to surface clean. You won't need strong solutions to clean tile, which also means you are less likely to use harsh chemicals that could pose health risks to you and your family.

Are you rethinking tile? We thought so!

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